Welcome to Infinitely Green

Infinitely Green nurtures a huge variety of plants and provides you with the best choices in Melbourne. We are your local family owned plant wholesalers and retailers, established more than 7 years ago out of love for all things green. We provide the very best in fresh plants straight to the farm to you.

The fact that everyone looks for that extra positivity in their lives, made us do what we are doing and have made us one of the leading suppliers of plants providing a comprehensive range of options to choose from. At Infinitely Green, we ensure to walk the extra mile to bring the most stunning pieces at your disposal. We source the very best plants and deliver them right to your doorstep, along with beautiful and unique pots and vases at affordable prices.

Our passion for nature has led us here, and we are proud to be known as one of the best plant wholesalers and retailers in the city.


What makes us unique

Versatile Products

The plants we offer are versatile and can be used to add aesthetics to your space and appease your green-loving soul.

Assortment of Pots

We have an assortment of pots and vases available to buy to help you style our unique plant arrangements as you please.

Bulk Buying Available

We have a huge variety of products listed on the website that are available for bulk buying. Get in touch with us today.

Unique & Affordable

All our products are unique, affordable and lively that make the plant lovers around you happy and satisfied.

Infinitely Green is your local wholesaler and retailer.

If you are a plant retailer looking for high-quality and unique products, contact us now for the love of green!

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